New Business Department

Our goal is to process your new business efficiently in order to see that your policy issues as soon as possible. We will follow up on the progress of your application from inception, through any transfer processing, to the day of funding. We have two ways of giving you up to date information on your pending policies.

If you are a member of Collaboration Studios:

At any given time, an account of all follow up can be found in the active message thread between you and the Paragon New Business Department. You will be able to view the representative that followed up with your case, as well as a date and time stamp of last entry. For the advisor who presently does not have any clerical help, we will be able to assist you with your day to day customer service needs as well. We will provide forms and follow up with the processing of withdrawals, beneficiary changes, change of agents forms and moving assets into a trust from an already in state annuity. If you enter the provider network to Paragon New Business and none of your message threads are red, you can move onto another task. All of your business is processing smoothly. When action is required by you, you will be alerted to the need by the email notification that you received, or the red ‘action needed by service requestor’ in your message thread overview.

If you are not a member of Collaboration Studios:

You will receive an email from with any and all updates, requirements, and issuing’s. Any requirements that need to be completed by you will be sent with a high priority. Please feel free to email us on any questions you have before a policy is written. We are here for you as a resource to help you write the case, and fund the case. You can reach us by phone at (844) 952-7279 Option 2 and then Option 3.

It is our pleasure you help you further your business production.