Our Technology Platforms

Our Online Collaborative Network:

Collaboration Studios empowers businesses to take their everyday, real-world business operations, interactions, and relationships from the confines of personal computing devices to the open, limitless, easily accessible space of the Internet.

We make file sharing, messaging, virtual meetings, and work collaboration easier and more productive. We do so in a way that greatly improves the security and integrity of your information, by protecting your information from unauthorized access and accidental loss, and conforms to all the latest laws and regulations stipulating how personal and sensitive information can be stored and shared.

The only thing you need to launch your business into a collaborative system is a browser and an Internet connection.

Our Note Transcription Resource: Mobile Assistant

Mobile Assistant allows you to speak your client meeting notes using their iPhone or Android app, or by making a simple phone call. Their human, professional transcriptionists will accurately type your message and email the notes back to you. Their app also stores every note for you to view, giving you mobile access to those important meeting notes.

When it comes to producers, we are mostly ‘on the go’ type personalities. For most of us, taking 5 minutes between prospect one and prospect two to record our notes is a large feat. We want to prepare for our next meeting, get our head in the game, reconnect ourselves with the end goals for the next prospect. We don’t want to stop and enter our notes into a CRM system. We assure ourselves that we will enter the notes when our meetings have concluded for the day, but we never quite get it done. By not completing these notes, we lack preparation for the next time we meet with them, and our staff are unsure of what their next step in the work flow is. Mobile Assistant allows you to extend your back office to include us. We will take the notes you have spoken, which come in an email to both you and us, and enter them into Collaboration Studios so we have all the information to build a case for you. It’s as easy as speaking your notes, and letting us take it from there.

You can start your free trial (no credit card needed) in an easy and quick set-up process by clicking HERE.







Our Online Plan Design Software:

For the $500,000 and above cases we produce our plans on advanced planning software. This software gives us the ability to work with you as extended back office support while you work with your client to complete a comprehensive plan. This software allows us to evaluate what is listed below and incorporate these variables into a plan.

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Advanced Planning
  • Goal-Based Planning
  • Plan Aggregation
  • Practice Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Income

For the Elite Producer, we offer a discounted license for this planning software. Here are the highlights to what this software does for you in a retail office.

  • You can view and manage your complete book of business while keeping an eye on potential growth opportunities.
  • Gives your clients online access to their financial forecast. They can make changes to their plan as life happens, so that you can always reflect on the most up to date information.
  • This software makes annual reviews easy to use with the online meeting integration.
  • If your client chooses to fully engage in the software, they can incorporate their open credit as debt. If their identity gets stolen, the software will alert your client before the credit card companies, or credit bureaus do.

Click here to access this planning software

Our Virtual Store Front: The Compass

Looking for marketing direction? Introducing: The Compass. Brokers International’s virtual storefront brought to you through Paragon!
Finding your way through the maze of marketing programs may leave you feeling lost. Are the pieces compliant? Is the message relevant to your clients or prospects? Are they branded, professional and easy to order? Fortunately, the path to marketing enlightenment is closer than you think! The Compass offers a virtual storefront where you’ll find a full-range of personalized consumer materials designed to help you stay in touch with clients, connect with prospects and promote your business.

Click here to access The Compass