Partnering with the CPA

When it comes to compliant planning, advice must be given from the professional that is trained and knowledgeable in his or her specialty. The advisor and CPA/EA are a proactive tax planning pair. Paragon offers our producers a marketing program in which we offer CPE credit to CPAs in order to locate, educate and coordinate the relationship between the advisor and CPA/EA.

In this program, the Paragon Advanced Sales Team will fly to your location and host an event on your behalf which will give four hours of education to the CPAs in attendance. This satisfies CE requirements for the CPA while allowing you to have a captive audience to which you can educate both on your industry and your goals for your business. The Paragon CPE event educates the CPAS on how to build proactive plans for Business Owners using Tax Advantaged Strategies. Some of these strategies include:  Defined Benefit Plans, Defined Compensation Plans, 412(e)(3) Plans, 401k and Captive Insurance Plans.

Our team will stay with you for both the event and the follow up process. This follow up process includes going to the office of the CPA to deliver his or her CPE certificate. This allows for both the producer and Paragon to have a one on one conversation as to what the CPA would like to add to his or her practice. Having a Producer/CPA partnership is about growing business for the two separate companies simultaneously. Paragon will work diligently with all invested parties to add proactive tax planning to your firm and grow the tax return business of the CPAs.